Spring Miles

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Running my sweet heart out over this beautiful Spring weekend. Luckily I don’t have any type of allergies or this weekend probably would’ve resulted in a different experience. Get out side my runners and start putting those miles on your bodies. Training for a 5k, a half or even a full we all start at the same place and that’s just putting on our shoes to do so. I run during the week on a treadmill so when the weekends come it’s like a fresh breath of air finding new trails to run on, but literally it’s a fresh breath of air the cardio cinema gets a little smelly with too many people. Happy Spring!



Working on my green thumb and thinking about the possible garden this Spring could bring but small indoor spaces aren’t usually the easiest gardening spaces to work with. I recently read an article about indoor citrus plants, we are talking fresh Oranges, Limes, Lemons you name it. Once I read a little more the maintenance and especially the humidity required (hello, dry weather Utah), I headed back to the drawing board. Looking for the perfect indoor plants for my sweet space but for now my store bought flowers fill the void.


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A bit about me, I am 24 years old and  love with a whole heart, I love trying new things and enjoy an adventurous lifestyle. I love hosting a good party, creating something beautiful from crafts to foods to music but what i really love is a clean and organized house filled with people I love. I have a passion for fitness and am often training for a race of some sorts and can be a bit superstitious at times for example starting this blog on Friday the 13th…

I am A Quaint Wife and am excited you’re here!